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Nor-Cal Wolf Dogs


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West Point CA 95255                               Email:

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Application for Placement

 Please complete all questions and provide as much detail as possible. Our wish is for all animal placements to be successful, joyful and permanent, so please be honest and do NOT hesitate to email us at any time with questions or concerns.  The purpose of this application is to help us properly asses each home/family for preparedness. Email or snail mail this back to us ASAP.


Thank you again for your interest!


Full Name:






Physical Address:


Email and Web address (if applicable):


Phone: Home (    )                           Work (    )                                  Cell (    )


Why do you want a wolf dog?



Do you live in a residential area?



Do you: Own or Rent

If renting, have you checked your lease agreement as to pet ownership?




Please describe your neighborhood-nearness of other homes, other pets nearby, climate, etc.




Have you checked regulations on pet ownership in your area?




What are your state, county, or local regulations concerning wolf dogs?



How do you plan on providing living space for the wolf dog? Will it be inside/ outside or outside only?



Do you have a pen currently?




Are you willing to construct whatever fencing is necessary to contain your wolf dog safely and humanely while keeping him/her happy?



Please explain or include a picture of containment you have, or plant to have. Please provide measurements, type of wiring, and if electric wiring will be used.




Do you have small children?               What ages?




Is your entire family in agreement on the purchase of this pup?


Have you owned a canine before? If so, what breed and for how long? What happened to that dog?




What experiences have you had with wolves, wolf dogs, or other canines?




Do you have any pets right now?




What literature have you studied regarding wolf dog ownership?




Do you have a qualified veterinarian close by that is willing to work with wolf dogs?



Vet Reference



City/ State:


Are you prepared to keep the animal for its natural lifetime (12-16 years) and provide a stress free environment?



If you have to move, are you prepared to take the animal with you?




If you should have to be away, who will care for the animal (s)?




When do you think it would be appropriate to strike and animal?




Have you ever been charged with animal cruelty? If yes, please explain.


Define “Alpha”?                                              



List the names of 2 people that can attest to your love and care for animals.

Name:                                                              Name:

Address:                                                          Address:

City/ State:                                                      City/ State:

Phone:                                                             Phone:


Would you prefer a male or female?




Are you planning on breeding your pup?




Price on a pup is $                   . Shipping is additional $                    . Deposit of $                          will hold your pup. Balance is due upon pick up or 2 weeks prior to shipping. The pups safety and comfort is TOP PRIORITY when making shipping arrangements. Therefore, we only ship direct flights to your nearest major airport.

Deposits are non-refundable.



If you are approved for a pup there is a sales contract you will be required to sign.



False information on application can result in your deposit being forfeited.