Nor-Cal Wolf dogs

About us at Nor-Cal Wolfdogs

We are located in the Northern foothills of California. Not too much heat or too much snow, but high enough to get away from the fog and smog. We are in a small town setting and we are not a commercial breeding facility. We are family breeder with 2 sets of bonded pairs of wolfdogs.  Hannah is bonded with Finn and Lakota to Bailey. Lakota will be retiring soon and we will have her daughter Lupita to replace her. Of course, Lakota will stay home with us. Our 4 legged girls, for the most part, like to stay in the house and the boy’s like outside where it is cooler.
We have 2 grand children at home to help play with the puppies when we have puppies. This is a job they both really love!
Our breeders are our family pets and household member’s. We take them on trips with us and they all really enjoy car rides. We cannot take all of them at once, but we do pair them up and take turns. Our fur kids are up to date with all their vaccinations, worming’s and health checkups.  
We enjoy taking our pets to events and they love the attention they get! Our dogs enjoy people touching them and taking picture with them. Now if only I could get them to brush them… they all love to get brushed, except for Lakota, but she is a different kind of girl!