Nor-Cal Wolfdogs

Q and A

Q: What is Content and how is Content determined?

Content in the case of Wolf Hybrids refers to the amount of Wolf in the Animal. Generally Low Contents are under 50% Wolf. Mids are over 50% but under 75% Wolf and Highs are over 75%. There are many cases where a Low Content can look higher to someone who doesn’t know what they are looking for. This is how Bad Breeders get away with selling Wolf dogs with small amounts of wolf in them as High Contents. We have seen so many Animals that their owners believed were Pure Wolves who are maybe 40%. It is very frustrating because then if those same people are ever in the market to bring a new wolfdog home, they think they have already handled a High Content. Then if they get a real high content, they are in for a world of trouble because that wolfdog will act nothing like what they thought they had handled. Generally Pure and Super High content Wolves would not make good Pets at all. They are not good in the house, very shy and not very tractable.


Did you know that TRUE high content wolf dogs are never born in the fall and are never born white, have pink noses or paw pads! If you are paying $900-$1500 for a "high content" wolf husky puppy, make sure to look for these things.

Q: What should I do if I can not keep my wolfdog?

Call us (209) 487-5173 or e-mail us We will take back any animal that we sell you and try to foster them out and find a forever home for them. We do not buy back animals, but will support them until we can rehome them. We do not resell our animals. PLEASE DO NOT label them as wolf dogs and take them to the pound. This is sure death for them in most States. Just do not take them to any pound!