We ship your puppy using Delta Air Cargo. Shipping is $600. The only time we will ask for extra is if we need to board your puppy over night. You will be provided with the boarders name and phone number so you can call and check on your puppy.

Delta makes all the arrangements for the boarding. This is rare, and has happened once when we shipped to Canada, it hasnít happened since, but we wanted to tell you just in case. Our price will cover flight costs, crate, chew toys and food/water dishes (all yours to keep), a letter of health from our vet, puppies second shots and worming, that are required to ship, shipping bed, pee pads and my 180 mile round trip to the Sacramento International Airport. Puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age to ship by air. Shipping should be paid by no later than 7 weeks of age, so I can book your flight and make his/her vet appointments. Puppies will weigh in between 15-25lbs


You can also pick up your new puppy! (Free of charge)

If picking up your wolf husky puppy he/she will have 1st puppy shot and wormed. We start worming at 2 weeks of age and continue until they leave our care. We will take payments, ask us.

We do not deliver in CA, please be ready and willing to travel to pick up your puppy before you get one.

We prefer not to have our puppies fly; it is stressful for them and can weaken their immune system. We ask that you could pick up your puppy, but if not we could drive your new pup to Sacrament for $50.00 and meet up with a pet carrier company. We ask you to look into one before we book a flight. Please contact the Services below for transport info:

A Pet Transport Service that offers Private Pet Transports for dog Shipping and Cat Shippingoffering door to door Pet relocation services, and Pet Shipping Services for your pet transport.Visit our Pet Directory.

Our break down on shipping cost as of 2011/2012: (May vary)

    • Flight to like PA and WA was $398.00
    • Crate was $68.00
    • Water food bowls $20.00
    • Bedding $10.00
    • Vet appointment, certificate and shot $107.00
    • Pee pad and puppy food (included)
    • This total is $603 and is not including gas to get to the airport. We do NOT make money from shipping. The only time we will ask for more is when Delta tell us we have to board your puppy overnight.


    We will do our best to find the most economical and safest way to get your new friend home to you. We search flights to find the most direct that do not have long layovers. Sometimes this cost more. We want your new friend to be happy and stress free while meeting you for the first time.