About our Stud Service

Our boys get a little lonely without their mates and are very willing to receive visits from other females. Our girls do not seem to mind at all. Our boys are proven class A studs that produce beautiful healthy puppies. Our average sized litters are around 7 puppies. Females determine litter size, males determine gender of pups, so please make sure your female is healthy, current on her vaccinations has had her first heat cycle, over the age of 1.5 years and under 5years of age. We may breed to older females with a note from your vet stating that she is in good health. Our boys are current on vaccinations and get yearly checkups.

Stud Service fees: $800.00 for Finn and $500.00 for Bailey, cash or PayPal only, paid at time of "tie" unless other arrangements had been made. We do not want first pick, but we do want pictures of your puppies!

If you have another female come into heat within 5 months of our first tie, she will be 1/2 off. Females must be brought to our home. Our boys are way too excited to travel back and forth to new houses and may not perform or act like they should. No refunds what so ever, once a tie has occurred our boy's job is done. Make sure you feed, give vitamins, and plenty of fresh water to you female. Daily exercise is very important more so if this is her first litter. Please make sure your female is completely out of heat before you take her outside for a walk. Do not run with your female, nice long walks are better. Please give your female a potty break before we service her, and try to not let her go pee for a least 1/2 hour after the tie. When you (mostly your female) are ready to plan this service, please keep a log on the first day she came into heat. EMAIL US on her first day and we will give you instructions on when she should mate. We will make sure our boys have not mated with another for at least 48 hours so that their sperm count is high. Please EMAIL US anytime if you have questions.

Finn is a high content timber wolf mixed with GSD. Finn has yellow eyes and is all white. He is 7 month old in these pictures and we expect him to grow very big like his parents. He was phenotype at around 75% wolf, but has linage more than 80%. We are very excited and lucky to have Finn in our breeding program; he will be a great bloodline to add to our line..



Bailey is our mid content Canadian Tundra and Arctic husky mix. He is very loving to people and gets a little shy around others he does not know. Bailey has a beautiful wolf color coat and brown eyes. Bailey weighs around 105lbs.