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Wolf Huskies make a wonderful addition to the right home. We suggest that you research them and make sure that they are right for you. They are, by nature, a pack breed, and do best with another dog to play with. They require a large secure fenced yard. Some can be timid with people that are not family members. Huskies are very intelligent, but can be very hyper. By mixing the wolf with the husky, the pups tend to come out with a little calmer demeanor. They are great with older children. They may kill small animals if not raised with them as a puppy. They do have a high prey instinct. It is best to gradually introduce the puppy to any animals you may have. They do best with same sized playmates.
We require a non-refundable $200/$400 deposit to hold a spot in a current litter or an upcoming litter. Deposits are valid on any of our litters or available pups. Deposits are applied towards the total price of the puppy. Deposits must be made in the form of cash or by PayPal invoice; you can pay with a debit/credit card or E-check on line. PayPal fee(s) are included on all invoices. PayPal fees are $4.00 per each $100. We will hold your deposit for up to three years. At that time, if you haven’t selected a puppy, your deposit will be null and void.  It is your responsibility to ask for your deposit to be applied to a next litter. The balance is due when your puppy is 4/5 weeks of age. Your pup will be marked “pending” until the balance is paid in full then it will then be marked “sold”. If we do not receive the balance by the time the puppy is 5-7 weeks of age, your deposit is null and void unless other arrangements have been made. If picking up your puppy, it must be picked up by 6-8 weeks of age, weather premited after 9 weeks of age you will forfeit your pup and all payments and money received. Please contact us if you cannot pick up by 8 weeks. 
Pick of the litter must be made by 2 weeks of age. The order in which we receive your deposit determines the order in which you can pick from the litter. If you paid in full, you still have to wait until all deposit picks are done if you placed your payment after the people that made deposits before you.  If you decide there is not a puppy in the litter that suits you, your deposit can be rolled over to another litter. Please inform us ASAP that you are switching litters. Your decision is final once you have selected your puppy from the litter. If you do not contact us with your pick from the litter by 3 weeks of age, or declare you want to rollover your deposit, we will void your deposit or move you to a different position of the pick order. Once a puppy leaves our care, the puppy is your responsibility, even when it leaves our care at the airport. We are not responsible, nor will we reimburse any shipping or veterinary fees.
 Once balance for your puppy and/or shipping has been made all payments and money received is non-refundable. We do not offer refunds of any kind for any reason.

Shipping starts at $600 and could go up from there. We ship out of Sacramento, CA. For the safety of the pup, we can’t ship below 30 degrees or above 100 degrees. Puppies are shipped after 8 weeks of age. If weather doesn’t permit us to ship your puppy by 9 weeks of age, you will be charged $20 a week for us to keep the puppy until we can ship it to you. Every effort will be made to get your pup to you as soon as possible. You will be charged for the second set of vaccines if the puppy is still in our care when they are due at 9 weeks. We have a link on our site to a ground Pet Delivery Service, call them to compare prices, they may be cheaper than shipping and they are a lot safer!
Each puppy will be sent home with some puppy food and a toy. The toy will have the scent of their littermates to help aid in the transition into their new homes. All of our puppies are started on a worming schedule at 2 weeks of age and continue until they leave our care. Puppies will be given their first set of vaccines at 6 weeks of age. Please remember that until your puppy has had all of its vaccines, it is susceptible to certain diseases and illnesses and should be treated with caution until your vet feels it is safe to introduce your puppy to other animals, neighbors, etc. We recommend 4 sets of 5 in 1 shots because we do vaccinate early and your puppy will grow really fast and we want your puppy fully protected. Warning... Do not give your wolf hybrid puppies vaccines that contain leptospira bacterin.
When your puppy arrives home, due to stress and living with litter mates he/she may have coccidian.
Coccidian are small protozoans (one-celled organisms) that live in the intestinal tracts of dogs and cats. They cause disease most commonly in puppies and kittens less than six months of age, in adult animals whose immune system is suppressed, or in animals who are stressed in other ways (e.g.; change in ownership, other disease present)
The primary sign of an animal suffering with coccidiosis is diarrhea. The diarrhea may be mild to severe depending on the level of infection. Blood and mucous may be present, especially in advanced cases. Severely affected animals may also vomit, lose their appetite, become dehydrated, and in some instances, die from the disease.
Most infected puppies infected are in the four to twelve week age group. The possibility of coccidiosis should always be considered when a loose stool or diarrhea is encountered in this age group. A microscopic fecal exam by a veterinarian will detect the cysts confirming a diagnosis.
It should be mentioned that stress plays a role in the development of coccidiosis. It is not uncommon for a seemingly healthy puppy to arrive at his new home and develop diarrhea several days later leading to a diagnosis of coccidian. If this does not clear up in a week or two by giving him/her canned pumpkin and or plain yogurt with every meal or if your puppy has blood in the stool, please take it to your vet.
We give all our puppies VIBACTRA, and this clears them up pretty much, continue at home is you see signs of diarrhea at home, or if it gets worse, contact your vet. You can get it here:

Your puppy has been eating Purina one smart choice large breed puppy chow. You have been given a sample of this food, it you would like to change brands please do so slowly by mixing the two together until the older food is gone. Switching foods can cause tummy problems also.
Your puppy has been using a pee pad since 3-4 weeks old; please break them of this habit as soon as you can. Of course they will have accidents, but the sooner the better to break that habit will make you both happy campers. 
We cannot guarantee mating or pregnancies of upcoming litters. Planned litters are subject to change. We do not guarantee eye color or markings as they may change weeks after you have already taken your puppy home. We also recommend that you take your puppy to obedience classes or provide plenty of proper socialization opportunities for your puppy.

Please print, sign, date and return this page to us and that you have read this and agreed.

Full Name (print): ____________________________________________________ 

Email: ______________________________________________________________
Please print clearly


Signature:______________________________________ Date:________________________





A completed Puppy Sale Contract is required prior to any sale. No Puppy will leave us without a completed contract being submitted. Please read each line very carefully.  You agree by signing.

1) You will never sell this animal to anyone else. This puppy is adopted by you only.
2) You will never turn the animal you purchase from us over to a shelter, for any reason. We are always available to take the animal back at any time for any reason. No questions asked.
3) You agree to send us pictures of the puppy at 6 months old and again at 1 year. These pictures might be posted on our website. Please send your photos to admin@hybridwolfpup.com.
4) You agree to feed and water the puppy every single day. It sounds silly but people get busy with their lives and can sometimes forget. Feed your puppy Large Breed puppy food for at least a year.
5) You agree to never abuse your Pet. Huskies and Wolf mixes can be stubborn and you understand you will need to be firm with Your Pet, but again you agree to never be abusive.
6) You agree to provide the puppy with regular vet checks and vaccinations. Parvovirus and many other preventable illnesses can kill your Puppy if you do not properly Vaccinate Him or Her. We also recommend you have your puppy micro chipped.
7) Please have your Puppy fixed; it will make them and you happier! This is NOT a requirement, just a suggestion.
8) You agree to not chain your pup up for any extended period of time. Chain life is not acceptable for any Pet.
9) You understand that we provide no refunds. In the case of a Genetic illness diagnosed by 1 Year of age we will offer a Puppy from another Litter. Proof is required including the name of your Vet and the pup’s health records. Please submit any claim within 30 days of diagnose.
10) It is rare but you do understand that if you have your puppy flown to you, there are some risks. Refunds will not be given in the event of any issues during transport.
11) You must socialize and spend time training your baby from the first day you get it or you understand it will be VERY destructive. We recommend using a professional trainer to teach you how to properly deal with your pet.
12) We are not responsible for any unwanted behavior or biting once the puppy is in your care. All dogs, wolf mixes included, need proper training and socialization or they will have unwanted issues as adults.
13) You understand that we do not pay any of your puppies Veterinary expenses. Once the Pup is in your care, any and all medical treatments are your responsibility
14) You have checked your State and County laws and Wolf Dogs are legal in your area.
15) Your deposit is non-refundable in the event you change your mind. In the event we do not have a puppy for you, we will apply your deposit towards our next littler(s).
16) In the event that you become ill or die or cannot care for your animal anymore, please inform us or ask a family member to inform us that you no longer are taking care of your animal. We need to know where our animals are living at. We will take back any animal if for some reason you cannot care for it anymore, no questions asked. We do not resell our animals, but we do find another family for them.
18) We do not except deposits after puppies are 4 weeks old. Payments are due in full at this time.






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Please print clearly!


Nor-Cal Wolf Dog Deposit Page

If sending a deposit, please print, sign, and date this page, as well as the Terms and Information page. By signing these, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the conditions of the documents. Please let us know if you will be picking up your puppy, or if you need us to ship the puppy. Fees for shipping are $600 and may be more if boarding is needed, in addition to the price of the puppy. Please specify if you want a male or female. The deposit is valid for any of our litters or available pups, though the prices of the pups may differ. Our 2015-2016 litters contents and price are:

0 25-49% litters …. $750 low content
0 50-74% litters …. $750 mid content
0 75% and higher… $1200 high content 

Please email pages HERE

 Name: ____________________________________Date:_________

 Signature: ___________________________________________________
Do you prefer a male or female? _____________________________________

*Key notes:
-Pick of the litter is due by two weeks of age.
-Balance payment is due at four weeks of age.
-Shipping payment is due at six/seven weeks of age.
-Puppies generally go to their new homes between six and eight weeks of age.
-Please ask if you need to make a payment plan, we except payments up to 7 weeks of age.

We are always here to help you and your newest family member. Feel free to contact us anytime about anything that has to do with your puppy. But please remember, we are not a vet, if your puppy becomes ill take them to your vet ASAP!


Please EMAIL us for with question and/or mailing address


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After we call you please email us again, and we will send our Terms and Deposit pages along with a PayPal link to put your deposit down or use our buy now links on our site.