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Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous buyers of our wolf husky puppies.....

This is my 3rd wolf hybrid puppy, but my first experience going through an actual breeder. She is a world ahead of my past puppies in regards to her personality, demeanor, and sociability at 8 weeks old. She has instantly taken to everyone she has met without being the least bit skittish! I can't even begin to count the number of kisses she has given me in the last 12 hours. She just wants to be right by my side, whether it is on the couch or on the bed...she will just whimper till I help her up! This is all a testament to her nurturing and steady dose of love you and your family gave her. She is so well adjusted to people already and I couldnt' be more excited to have her as part of my family. Thank you so much for the amazing job raising her and this incredibly positive experience. Nor-Cal Wolfdogs will be highly recommended by me and I will never go elsewhere again! Words can't express how happy I am with her! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

76 lbs now knows sit, down, gentle, no, paw, has a routine of treat the "hole" which is his kennel at work. He's a very smart boy he does not jump on people but does still bite but not hard. Just wanted to up date you. Thanks. Andrea

Hi Cathie, I can’t believe Voodoo is already 6 months old! I have attached some pictures for you; the other dog in a few of them is our 7 1/2 year old Black Lab, Buddy. Voodoo and Buddy have gotten along great, and they love to play together. Buddy is happy to have a doggy friend around. Voodoo is a very smart and wonderful dog, and we love him so much! Hope you and your family are doing well.

He is the best dog I've ever had or even met. I named him (P-Bear) Kodiak but we really just call him koda wolf. He is so smart and a little stubborn but that is just his personality and it makes him the awesome dog he is. I have him really well trained. Started at 6 weeks now he is ready for anything. I can teach him anything. Every where I go I'm stopped by every one to ask me 21 questions about him. I'd really like to bring him back to the your ranch but I don't know if that would be the best idea. You tell me lol. Ill send a picture in a new email ill send you alot! I've taken alot. This dog was the best decision I've ever made. Addison

Hey Cathie, I have had wolf hybrids all my life growning up and I have never been so pleased with the way yours look. Every where I go with Tundra people stop me and ask questions about him. Some even want to take picture with the "wolf"! I am so glad I found you guys and when I am ready to get a play mate for my boy, you will be my first stop! Thank you again! Mark

Hi Cathy just wanted to share more info on him (Saber). He's about 70 lbs still growing! (At 6 months) His temperament is still good a little thick headed but loving. I get so much attention when I walk down the street he's great.

Mia is doing wonderful, here are some pics of her playing with the kids out front and at the parade, they handed out doggy treats as well as candy for the kids, was alot of fun and of course she is so beautiful everyone had to comment =) it is hard to believe its been 6 mths, she is getting so big!  the teddy bear is her valentines gift from daddy....she loves it, finally getting to the point where parts are coming off lol, i am surprised she took this long to start tearing it apart, damien is out fishing and has been for the past couple months, she is such a daddy's girl i sprayed his cologne on the bear could be why it took so long for her to tear it up lol, she loves to sleep with it tho.  hope you enjoy the pics, have a wonderful day!

She is so gentle with the small pup. I have videos of her meeting with the other dogs that my sisters and i have, but somehow it wont send it so i will try to send u the video later again ^_^

Hi Cathie,

We are enjoying Wyllo (new spelling) so much! She has turned out to be an amazing addition to our household. We all love her; well, except for the cats. We have 3 cats, one of whom is 10 yrs old. They are good with dogs and not particularly shy, but none of them are used to puppy energy that sneaks up and jumps on them. We are working on that and things are already getting better. She and our 5 year old dog have  become fast friends and enjoy each other a lot. It is so fun to watch!

Wyllo is a smart girl. She learns pretty quickly. She is healthy and happy and adjusting to the routine of the household. She got me up in the middle of the night 4 nights, less often each night, and since then has slept through the night. She willing goes into her crate at bedtime and wakes up to call me at 5:45. I tend to get up early, so that works for me. If I don’t get up pretty quickly, the cats come to tell me that she is crying. They don’t like her to be in distress.

All in all, we are having fun and getting to know each other. Thanks so much for our good girl! Here are some 6 week old pics for you. How are the other dogs doing? How many are still with you?

Hi!  Yes we are very well thank you! Avalanche is doing so great, we are learning to pull a cart this year now that he is large enough to by a harness that will fit him for a while. He is still very talkative and loves to sing along with his favorite tunes (Bob Dylan, Neil young and Mumford and sons) lol and any time I play the harmonica.    I'll send you a few pics now and I'll try to find this funny vid of my friend Alanna playing my harp and avi howling I'm sure you will love it.   I'm sure I have it written down in storage but what is his exact B-date and my bf asked to ask if you knew his birth weight and time his was born lol       Thanks for keeping in touch I was looking at you site the other day actually.   We are still looking to get him a friend some as we get a house with a yard.   Any ways here is a few pics and I'll send some more soon.

Thanks for the quick reply, all the dogs look great and so do the puppy's. I forgot to tell you that avi is 55lbs already and will be harnessed to pull me or a cart next week. he is very well behaved, loves kids, good off leash, digs too much lol and loves to swim..also I will post an awesome clip on YouTube of avi singing lol he howls along with my favorite song and when I play the harmonica really funny but cool.... Jason


Cheers is very well , and he is a super clever boy.  He knows how to shake hands , high-five speak and something else. next month, we will send him to the dog training school. He is big enough to study ....

i send you some video, hope you can open it.  and also some pics..,maybe the pics size are so big, but i dont know how to make them small, sorry about that.

Thanks for keep touching with us.


Oh my goodness Cathie she is perfect! She had a few accidents right at first but the rest of the time she goes outside every time we take her and hasnt had another accident. She was so happy and playful but seemed to get a little sad for all of you at night. We snuggled her up in her bed real good and pet her until she fell asleep. She is such a fast learner! We are so happy and in love we can't thank you enough. I am sending out those papers to you this weekend. Promise to send pics. Asap. Much love from - Jasmine and Jeffrey

thought you'd like some pics now, she has been such a wonderful addition to our family,totally a daddies girl if you cant tell ;P.... i look forward to hearing back from you....

Hey cathy,
We just got her (Mya) settled and at home in the hour. She so beautiful and adorable. She must have been exhausted she slept in my lap the whole ride home. Was she ever outside before? She was acting like grass was a new thing lol. Thank you so very much and please be assured that she will be loved and taken care of. For a puppy, she is sooo gentle. Thank you again for being so good to us. If you ever need a reference please dont hesitate. We will update you with pics soon.
Take care

Hi cathie saber is just wonderful thank you!! Thanks. Andrea

Hello lucian is doing great I love him so much im so sorry the update is a little late he is 68lbs and charms everyone I certified him as a companion and he goes with me everywhere

Lucian is doing great i am trying to get my professional pictures to you from a photo shoot i had this last month and he is in a couple pictures with me. We are in the area quite often i have a friend in your county and its quite close to you and i was wondering if maybe sometime you could meet us at a halfway point and you could see him pictures just dont do him justice . Thank you again he makes me so happy and i love him dearly.


hello Cathie, 

this is a follow up email letting you know that Kiara is doing great. I haven't weighed her in a bit but I'm assuming she's around 60 -70 pounds and healthy. Let me tell you a bit about her personally. I registered her at an early age as a therapy dog so she comes everywhere with me. She knows the differences in places we go so she knows when to be playful and when to be serious.  I take her to target, the hills, restaurants, and even class at times. She is beautiful and she knows it and uses it to her advantage. We are quite well known around the area and she gets lots of attention from everyone. She is a fast learner, especially when there's food involved. She can open doors and roll down the windows in the car. She knows her basic commands like loves(kisses), sit, stay, wait, paw, speak, down, up, left, right, drop, as well as some more advanced commands such as ready, set, GO and she won't go until i say go and only when I say go, no one else. I have also found ways to use her high prey drive to both out advantage, she knows "get it" when hunting for rabbits and she digs for gophers when I scrape the dirt with my shoe and say here. When she catches her prey she sticks out her chest, prances around and drops it in front of me with a big smile. She is pretty good on the leash and loves pulling me on my skateboard from one side of town to the other. I have a really big family of aunts, uncles and cousins and she knows right away who is family. She is very gentle and affectionate around babies/ toddlers, plays great with kids. Kiara LOVES my parents, especially my dad who she follows around everywhere in the yard. My parents only talk to her in spanish and she understands what they say as well as basic commands in spanish. When my friends come over she greets them at the door, she especially loves one of my best friends named Tina. I have not yet seen any other girl that she would roll over and let them rub her belly with a big goofy smile except when Kiara sees Tina. She is very nice to people that want to meet and pet her. She is one tough little girl, she prefers to play with bigger male dogs and wrestle, chase and even walk them when they have their leash on, doesn't care too much for little dogs but she'll tolerate them. Kiara does NOT like to my mounted, and she'll make it very clear to the other dogs so they don't do it again. At the dog park she is very independent and all the usuals that go there know she's Alpha so they won't put up a fight when she takes the water bowl and runs away.  She is very talkative when she wants something and is a baseball fan, she'll watch the ball go from one side of the screen to the other and yell with me when i get upset at a bad call or a horrible game. I live downtown and she does NOT like the homeless people that come around the neighborhood, especially at night or taking baths despite liking playing in the small pool. She doesn't tolerate cats either unless they're fat and don't move, if they don't run she doesn't care and pays no attention to them. She generally doesn't like being brushed but will let me if I bribe her with a treat. She can get a little jealous when I pet other dogs or talk to girls and not paying attention to her and she'll let me know by talking or pulling the leash telling me she wants to leave. Although I've had a high content wolf dog before when I was younger, this is the first time I raised one on my own.  I cannot be happier with Kiara, she has been one of the best dogs I've had in terms of temperament, attitude and intelligence. here are some picture of Kiara throughout the year. Thank you for giving me one of the best things in my life Cathie, everyday with her reminds me to be happy. Rest assure that Kiara is well taken care of, loved and very spoiled. Let me know if you can't see or open the pictures.